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Vince Desi von Running With Scissors im Interview Postal III is now available since a few weeks. Do you think the fans of Postal like the game? Some critics say Postal III doesn’t offer that much gameplay variety. What do you think about that?

Vince Desi (links) und Mike Jaret (rechts) Vince Desi: The fan reaction has been mixed from loving it to hating it. Unfortunately most fans write me and complain that the game has too many bugs. The good news is that Akella has been making updates to fix a lot of the problems so gamers getting the game now have a much better experience. As for the game content itself, we RWS designed a very big challenging game with great variety, unfortunately the developer and publisher were under tremendous pressure and decided to release a different game, something that they could deliver. It’s not easy listening to our diehard fans and hearing their complaints, however I’m glad that the publisher has tried very hard to make the necessary improvements. Why is Running With Scissors so focused on blood, gore and all that stuff which frightens off our mothers? Do you think shocking people is the best way to get attention? Or is it just all about breaking rules?

Postal 3Vince Desi: I don’t agree. All the Postal games have had a very strong unique flavor of humor and political incorrectness, the blood feature is simply a game element, nothing more intended. Any game that involves violence showcases blood, this is very basic, and yes some games pour the blood on in gallons or liters but what we try to do is to make the violent activity, the interaction, the weapons, etc. all more than just another blood fest. It’s like sex, can you imagine if everything was about fucking? As in ‘intercourse” Boring my friend, very boring. So for us we see the same thing when deciding what to do in a game, the fun should be in the ‘how’ not the act itself.

Shock is a individual perspective. What shocks you might bore me, and vice a versa. We approach game design with a single goal, the make a game that is fun to play. Games that are rooted in violence and offer nothing more are very poor products creatively speaking. Often I read that POSTAL has no story line, untrue. From the original POSTAL the main character the Postal Dude has been evolving, his personal development, family history, personal philosophy, all this is expressed in an informational and sarcastic style.

Postal 3Breaking rules is easy, it’s much harder to play by the rules and be interesting and fun. The fuckin retarded thing is we get accused of breaking the rules when we actually comply, it’s the industry itself which is corrupt and hypocritical. I never read about Rockstar or EA or Activision having to deal with the shit that they throw at RWS. I think I already know the answer for the following question, but I have to ask this. Could you imagine to produce a game with no blood in it?

Vince Desi: Dude your obsessed with fuckin blood. When I was a young kid I pissed blood, from a kidney disease, it’s never really bothered or excited me. I’m much more proud of the pissing and vomiting than the blood. In germany the regulations for violence, blood, nudity and stuff like that are very strict. What do you think about this situation. I mean that´s the reason why games from RWS aren´t available here.

Postal 3Vince Desi: Personally I’m against censure by the government so for me it’s very undemocratic to tell people what they can buy, do , etc. Germany is not alone, look at Australia, New Zealand, Korea and lets not ignore China, all of them censure POSTAL. The original POSTAL was banned by I think 14 countries. Germany is supposed to be the leader of Europe, what a fuckin mess Europe is, too bad it falls on your shoulders. I do think in time Germany will become more open minded regarding creativity and the arts. After all prostitution is legal.:) In the beginning of this interview I mentioned that Postal III is already out. Are there any plans for a fourth Postal game or maybe a completely new franchise?

Vince Desi: The POSTAL brand is more popular and stronger than ever. We are in talks at present regarding another movie, a Postal Babes game, and other Postal characters. As for a P4 specifically its too early to think about it. Right now I want to make sure that gamers get the best value they deserve with P3, so we need to plan for an SDK, mods, add ons, etc. The last thing I have to know is – who the hell had the idea for the cat silencer?

Vince Desi: A lot of the stuff that goes into the game is based on personal experiences and then we give it a twist. We all love animals at RWS, matter of fact our creative director Steve Wik has many cats, maybe it was my influence over him when I was a kid. We blew up cats for Fourth of July, you do crazy things when your a kid. Do you have to say something to your fans in germany?

Vince Desi: THANKS. We have always enjoyed a great fan following in Germany. German gamers are very serious and devoted, and have been a brick in the wall of RWS’s success. Thank you for this interview. We wish the best for the future – for you and the whole RWS staff.


  1. When is this game going to be released on steam? D: . I know you can get a key from the official RWS website and Direct2drive etc but Postal 3 is a steamworks game. It would be very odd for it not to be released on steam. Plus, I think P3 would be very successful if it would be on steam. I mean come on guys!!!

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