BioShock Infinite bekommt einen Rap-Song spendiert

Infinite BioShock Rap

Eben bin ich auf einen ziemlich fetten BioShock Rap Track von Peter Coffin gestoßen, den ich euch nicht vorenthalten möchte.

In bester “Wild Wild West”-Manier bringt euch Peter den Style des Shooters näher. Den Song findet ihr übrigens auch auf iTunes.

Hier die Lyrics zum Mitrappen:

Infinite, name’s Booker DeWitt
got old debts but this song’s a hit
keep seeing tears where time just splits
and songs from the future seem to emit

was a pinkerton, was at wounded knee
sick crows on you if you mess with me
down vigors, won’t believe my abilites
you’ll think “when did I take LSD”

oh you bet I’m quick to test you
Elizabeth – I need to rescue
take Skyline if you need a great view
of columbia but careful, don’t fall through

rode a rocket from the ground to here
but rest assured I ain’t no rocketeer
my dev time got extended a year
to be the best when I finally premiere in a

Stylish Vest
save hostage in a
Stylish Vest
ripped time in a
Stylish Vest
civil war in a
Stylish Vest

I’m looking great – due to this stylish vest
I’m looking great – due to this stylish vest

once upon a time in the sky.
steampunk world’s fair city in the sky
girl held captive and we don’t know why
metal bird got a weird look in its eye

vox populi, founders, and the song bird
’bout to hear from this false shepherd
the lines of time bout to be blurred
it’s a perfect time to be a nerd

I’m a gnarly dude, yeah, I’m radical
but comstock’s not on sabbatical
he wants to keep his power up at full
that’s why me, Booker D, gonna call his bull

don’t look at me like it can’t be done
Devil’s Kiss paired with a shotgun
you best look at me like a champion
ain’t the west, this how the best was won


let me see you just bounce with me, just bounce with me
take a walk with me, take a walk with me
two steps to the left, clap clap clap
now gangnam style do the harlem shake

remember vigors are permanent
and you need lots of salt to be using it
you’ll be needin’ help or you gonna get slammed
elizabeth provin’ she ain’t just a “lamb”


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