Galactic Civilizations 3: Erster Patch fügt neue Inhalte hinzu

Inzwischen ist der erste Patch für Galactic Civilizations 3 erschienen. Das Update mit der Versionsnummer 1.01 behebt einige Bugs im Spiel. Zusätzlich erhält das Spiel neue Achivements und gibt den Spielern jetzt die Möglichkeit, mit eigenen Fraktionen im Multiplayer anzutreten.

Die K.I. der Gegner wurde im neuesten Patch ebenfalls etwas verbessert. Neben dem verbesserten Balancing werden Spieler in Version 1.01 auch verkürzte Ladezeiten bei den Zügen der Gegner vorfinden.

Ganz am Ende dieser News findet ihr die kompletten Patchnotes der Version 1.01 für Galactic Civilizations 3.

Das denken wir:
Das sind doch lohnenswerte Änderungen.



  • Enabled Custom Factions in multiplayer (with fixed to make this stable)
  • Added new Steam achievements for:
    • Survey an anomaly in a dust cloud/nebula
    • Declare war before you have Universal Translator
    • Destroying an enemy Faction
    • Using a wormhole
    • As the Iconians, take back Iconia (the Yor homeworld) from the Yor
    • Control all relics on the map
    • Survey 15 anomalies in a game
    • As the Yor, destroy the Iconian faction
    • Have 12 or more trade routes
    • Use Core Disruption invasion 10 times in one game
    • Be at war with 5 different factions at the same time
    • Win a battle
    • Destroy more than 15 enemy ships in a battle
    • Destroy more than 7 pirate bases
    • Unlock all the Benevolent ideology traits
    • Unlock all the Malevolent ideology traits
    • Unlock all the Pragmatic ideology traits


  • Fixed the malevolent Mining Accident colonization event choice (it was giving +50% growth instead of -50%)
  • Fixed a bad adjacency bonus on the Preparedness Center (it was giving +95% resistance for each level!?!)
  • Fixed a crash if you hover over an out-of-bounds tile while using the teleport cheat
  • Fixed the “Win the Campaign” cheat
  • Fixed an issue causing ships to go off the screen in the battle viewer
  • Upgraded the version of Miles (the sound system) to fix sound issues and memory leaks
  • Many multiplayer fixes around lobbies and restored sessions
  • Fixed an issue where multiple simultaneous invasions would show the wrong info in the results window
  • Fixed a crash when attacking a planet with two fleets in the same action
  • Fixed a crash if a transport tried to invade a planet at the same time that it was joining a fleet
  • Fixed a crash if you fought 2 battles against one defender with spawned fighters and canceled the first battle in the same turn
  • Fixed an issue that would cause you to not be given ships by ideological events and anomalies if you obsoleted those ship designs in your ship lists
  • Fixed an issue where the planet keeps spinning in the battle viewer even if the simulation is paused
  • Fixed an issue where the old minimap border stuck around if you started a game within a game (only noticeable if you changed map sizes between those 2 games)
  • Fixed lots of typos
  • Didn’t add any new typos!
  • Fixed an issue with ridiculously wide monitors (we were scoffing at the 3000 x 1080 resolution until we got a monitor to test it on, it looks pretty awesome)
  • Fixed an issue where you could build infinite resource requiring ships by using continuously build (When a ship is set to continuously build in a shipyard, and it requires a specific resource, it now checks if the player has enough of that resource before building. If not, it gets removed from the shipyard’s queue and sends an Alert/Notification to the player to let them know)
  • Fixed a crash when going from the campaign to a multiplayer game
  • Fixed a stuck turn when the AI invades two planets at the same time
  • Fixed weekly treaty income not showing up in the production sub window
  • Fixed an issue allowing the player to get peace with the AI in scenarios (like the campaign) where peace isn’t allowed
  • Fixed the jitterbug (AKA ships no longer wiggle when moving on large maps)
  • Fixed the Kinetic Accelerator to correctly boost the range of Kinetic weapons
  • Fixed the Quantum Leap ideological trait (it wasn’t applying its +5 research per colony bonus)
  • Fixed the missing icon for Barrier System Focus
  • Fixed an issue allowing Food Distribution to be buildable while Xeno Irrigation was already built
  • Fixed the High Output Mining techs
  • Fixed the prereqs on the Biomass Resequencer
  • Fixed an issue where decay wasn’t being applied for synthetic life. Decay is the process where population shrinks if you have more people than your population cap supports.
  • Fixed an issue where if a players faction power got high enough it would overrun and flip to 0, causing the AI to surrender


  • Canceling an improvement rush will now refund the player the cost of rushing the item and re-enable the Buy button.


  • General AI strategy improvements
  • Reduced bonuses given to the AI due to the AI being smarter


  • Removed some release level debug
  • Major late game turn time improvement on large maps (from the AI calculating paths across the entire map for pirates)

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