The Last of Us Part II: So könnte das Menü aussehen

Coole Sache: Vin Hill, ein ehemaliger Mitarbeiter bei Ubisoft – der anscheinend gerade einen neuen Job sucht – hat ein Bild veröffentlicht, das zeigt, wie das Menü in The Last of Us Part II aussehen könnte.

Vin Hill schreibt zum Bild Folgendes:

Loved what John Sweeney did with the main menu of the first game (also his work in U4) and so I wanted to see if I could create something along the same lines. Such a huge fan of the first game and damn, show me who I have to fight in mortal combat to get a job at ND, lol.

Started out with a quick 3D model in Maya and then threw in a mental ray skybox with some other lights while taking into consideration that the UI of a main menu (Which is why the comp is very right-sided). From there I took a few hours and headed outside with my SLR to take some texture pictures, i was pretty lucky in that my in-law’s place in the mid-west has a ton of abandoned cars and stuff which is overgrown with vines all over their land.

From there I bashed in photos, painted and listened to the Last of Us soundtrack for about 10 hours. Painted the whole thing in 4k but resized for uploads. Did two other versions to show the UI and Elle’s knife included upon completion like LOUstuck_out_tongueart I.

Und hier könnt ihr euch das Bild ansehen:

Mehr Werke des Künstlers findet ihr über diesen Link.

Das denken wir:
Das wird so gut. Wir können es kaum erwarten.


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